Gone are the days of communication when letters were used. Though it is still in existence, it is not frequently used. With the advent of computers and internet, email has become the latest globally acceptable language of the world. Received and sent in seconds, you can now use a free webmail service to communicate with anybody in the world. Though the physical distances have not altered but the emotional distances are almost reduced to none.

While using a free web mail service, you need to be extremely careful about the features offered by the service providers. With the myriad of service providers, deciding on which one to choose from can be a little difficult. Here are a few features which should be present in any free webmail service.

The storage amount for mails and other folders is a feature which needs to be looked into very strongly. We all want to keep photographs and copies of email exchange between our friends and family members. A free web mail should offer a reasonably huge capacity of space. This could be extended later-on by the payment or by enrolling for upgraded membership.

One of the important features in the services provided by a free online network is whether the mails can be downloaded in your local email programs on your desktop. The email programs could be either Eudora or MS Outlook or any other program. Check whether the mail services provide POP download or not.

Another very distinctive feature is the kind of protection it offers from spam mails and viruses. With a lot of spam mails on the prowl, a good free webmail can be judged by the fact as to how aggressively it filters the spam mails and deals with them.

Another important feature is the ability of free web mail service to let its registered users chat. Some of the service providers might offer only chat facilities while others may offer video chat and DYC email as well. Some of them even have the facility to chat from their respective mobile phones by getting their cell phone numbers registered.

Since there are many free online networks to choose from, you should lay more emphasis on the services and features provided by them. Though it will be same but there could be subtle differences which could mean a lot to you as the user of those services.

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